Social Media Strategy: Circling the Drain: A Textual Analysis of the Watergate Scandal

For my project, Circling the Drain: A Textual Analysis of the Watergate Scandal, I want to use the social media platforms of Blogging, Twitter, and Pinterest. I believe that these three platforms will provide the best coverage and accessibility to my project.

Target audience:

  • Blogging will be aimed at scholarly individuals, mostly historians, and computer scientists to offer them a more in-depth look at my project and provide feedback
  • Twitter will be aimed at mostly individuals not familiar with Watergate and wish to know more. There might be some scholarly individuals that might be interested in this project on this platform
  • Pinterest will be aimed at mostly organizations and individuals that wish to use my textual analysis images in their project/work


  • Blogging – more fleshed-out research and writing where I can post papers, feedback, and new evidence related to Watergate
  • Twitter – that anyone can learn more about Watergate. Offer historical facts, articles, books, opinions about the scandal and any other relevant organization/piece of work, etc.
  • Pinterest – want to demonstrate out accessible the images of the analysis are and distribute them in a research-induced way. I want them to be able to take the analyzed images and think about their own analysis

Measuring my success:

  • Blogging – Post 2 blog posts. One about my journey in doing this project and one analysis about this project by the end of January. I will then send out the link to previous and current history professors and get their feedback before making it public at the end of May
  • Twitter – Will tweet 5 messages about various snippets about the Watergate scandal once a week for the next five weeks.
  • Pinterest – once my project is completed, by the end of December, I will post two images from my project on a Circling the Drain profile that I will make

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