Sixth Piece of the Puzzle

My final project will be and online course where my “students” will be able to learn more about African-American newsreels in relation to other forms of media during World War II. Their final project will be to create a script for an audio podcast or video news segment where they analyze their historical findings.

My intended students will be those in undergraduate history and film studies majors.

They should be able to look at African-American news segments, from the All-American News, during the War and compare it with other media during the same time period. It can be about any type of political, social, economic, culture, etc. issue but in the student’s final project they must use at least one of the All-American news segment sources. In the course, the “students” will be learning about the All-American News, African-American reporting, links to other news media, newspapers, and radio shows. They will be prompted to answer questions, provide feedback to their fellow classmates. They will work on their script incorporating their thoughts and findings throughout the course.

My next steps are to gather my sources and questions into coherent lessons/quizzes so that I can add them into a learning management system (LMS) plugin I installed for WordPress, LearnPress. Once I figure out how I want to structure the resources and questions that I want to give to my students then the easier it will be to add them into LearnPress.