Focus on Final Projects

After watching the videos of previous HIST 689 students discuss their projects and give some advice, I had a couple of takeaways that I can apply in my final project.

They discussed collecting resources, making the course structure, having the activities coherent and applicable to the lesson, just to name a few. I liked how in some of the videos, they not only gave the content/resources but they also gave the learning objectives either at a course level or for each module. One action item that I would like to do based on one of the videos, is to have my students record themselves talking about their thought process for their final project and submit it as an audio file. This idea stemmed from one of the previous 689 students stating along the lines of, once his/her students talked about their final project out loud, it made it easier for them to connect the dots.

Something that I will want to do differently in my course it to make it at least semi-interactive. I don’t want to have too much text on my website because then my students will probably not be as much engaged as if they were completing activities themselves. Where my students will have to answer questions through a quiz or answer questions through fill in the blank. Also submit their scripts piecemeal through a text box format and provide peer feedback.