Final Project Draft

My final project for HIST 689: Teaching and Learning Digital History is entitled Impacting Everyday News During World War II.

This project is a course where college students will learn more about World War II but through the lens of reporting/news media coverage. They will be given a couple of links to the All-American News newsreels, an African-American news source during the 1940s and 1950s, available at the Library of Congress. They will analyze the newsreels and then compare and contrast it to other news media coverage during World War II. They will come up with an historical thesis based on their findings.

I split the course into topic sections and then into lessons and quizzes where I give them links to resources and ask them questions that they can write in their response.

I noticed that as I was creating the topic sections I need to figure out a way to present the information to them. Lessons and quizzes were the options that I could use and I had to get creative as to what content I put in there for the lessons and what questions, what type of questions, etc. to ask them in the quiz.

As you can see in this image, I break down the topic subject matter into lesson and quizzes but I also give them the information in a piecemeal fashion to build upon their knowledge and understanding of the historical topic.

This is an admin view of the type of questions I am asking them to get them to think critically about the sources. Also to guide them along in their research and final project.

I wanted to make sure my students not only looked at the sources critically, but apply that knowledge in a different format than a traditional paper. I give them YouTube links and articles to help them create their podcast or YouTube video. I also guide them step-by-step to create their script outline and actual script for recording.

Towards the end of the course, I give them an opportunity to do peer reviews on their projects, reflect back on what was said, and how to improve their project before their final submission.

I also decided that I want their feedback on how the course went, what should the course/instructor keep doing or change. I think this is important to improve both the structure and the content of the course. Here is the admin view to see what questions I have asked.