What Can You Do With Crowdsourced Digitization

Crowdsourcing your artifacts to the public can be a useful way of tackling some of the work that needs to get done for a particular project. With that idea comes a fair amount of planning, preparation, and work to get ready for the outside world’s contributions. This module taught me the importance of not only having a project and artifacts but also choosing the right material for crowdsourcing and making sure that whatever you decide to do, that it is easy on the user to help. If you don’t then it can negatively impact your project and probably future funding. On the other hand, if you do succeed in that regard then you are opening up your project to improvements, publicity, and a plethora of new and exciting data.

As I learned in the transcribing activity, it would’ve been beneficial to have a horizontal view of the text. So the document on the top and the transcribing window on the bottom. Or perhaps the website could’ve given the user an option of either one fits their style. When there is a lot of text to read on a website it makes the user not want to continue reading and thus decrease their likelihood of visiting in the future. This activity also taught me that a easy-to-use user interface is crucial to a good experience with a website and it makes probable that the user will come back again.

In the correction activity, I found the user interface modern and optimal to the user. The concept of making the work more like a game makes the interface clean and simple to use.

I believe that all of the work so far in the examples that I had to complete had its strengths and weaknesses. I like the simple and clean user interface but I also like the idea of sending the editors questions/feedback. I think that if there was a way to combine both to an optimal level would be beneficial. There was another website where they had a sandbox, so that the user didn’t have to create an account/log in and I thought that if that could be used a bit more in other websites then it would be useful.

This module taught me the basics of what it means to start a crowdsource project and also be a contributor to it. Putting out information to the public is no easy task but as technology advances and the public increases their interest in history, crowdsourcing will become the new future frontier.

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