Theories vs. Practices

The skills/knowledge learned from previous coursework that I am applying to this internship are the ideas of the importance of telling a story, finding evidence within the large data pool, and the importance of organization. In terms of telling a story, it is one thing to just give the facts. That is okay to do but it also needs to be told in a way that is logical and helps the audience follow along. Finding the evidence within a large data pool is challenging in this case because the input data is just words. However, those words can have meaning and that meaning is what makes this project complex. To not only find the words but to find the meaning of the context in which those words are place. Finally, the importance of organization. Without the organization aspect of the work it can become cumbersome to do the job of exploring the relationships of the words within the Annual Reports. Keeping a good filesystem structure is what makes the internship easier to manage, understand the work, and hopefully in the end, get a good outcome.

The new skills that I am learning currently in my internship is learning spaCy and how to use it with my data set. I’m reinforcing my coding skills by looking at the data from the point of view of looking at it more critically. What are some pieces of information do I wish to find out more of and what are its relationship to one another? That is what I’m trying to explore more deeply. Of course, all of this is in theory and putting it into practice is something else.

I’ve been leaning more about what is spaCy and what can it do. I’ve also been learning about myself as to what I know, what I have forgotten, and what can I learn. I am still in the beginning stages of this endeavor but I’m trying to remember to read/watch videos but most importantly just to dive in and experiment with it. What is important to note about the ideas of theory and practice is that you won’t know if the theory is sound until you test it. Only then can you adjust make adjustments and keep practicing at it until it gets to a place that is optimal to you.

Once again, the idea of learning something in school and putting it into practice is not an easy task but this internship has made it possible to do just that. I’m able to learn in theory test in practice.