Stories: Successes and Challenges

What I am doing that is successful in this internship is how I am initially tracking, organizing, and completing my work. Since a couple of months ago when I noticed that I was having difficulties tracking the work that I was completing, I became more diligent to improve. I started to track my work in order to know what I am supposed to do. By creating a plan of my work, it keeps me focused on what I need to accomplish and how I might go about analyzing the data from another angle. Next semester I want to try to have at least some of the work that I need to do planned out so it will make it easier to know where I am going at the end. That I think will help me get some focus as to what I need to accomplish, and I would also like to set myself some due dates.

I believe that by setting due dates for my work it can also inform what and when I can demo what I have worked on and ask for feedback on it. Right now my mentor and I are trying to meet once a week and maybe for next semester we can meet once every two weeks to see the progress and any concrete updates. I will be willing to try this next semester for a month to see how it goes and if we do need to go back to once a week then we can probably make that change. I need to remind myself that it ts okay to switch up my ways of working – to experiment.

What has proven challenging is looking at the data to know exactly what to look for or what is considered relevant or not. As I’m analyzing the data, I am noticing that it is just a matter of trying different avenues to look at it. I’m having is making sure that I am making sure that the work that I am doing is useful in the long-run. I’m learning that part of the issue is realizing that not everything has to be perfect and complete. Just getting started and trying is the most important thing.

Going into next semester I want to get better at tracking my hours, getting the work that needs to be done and detailing it in a way that easy to know what I’m working towards, and over be okay with looking at data with new eyes and experiment with it.