Internship Insights and DPH

What I learned about this digital public humanities internship experience is just like in the name, “Digital Public Humanities” it encompasses a variety of fields. In my internship I have learned that it takes constant communication and working with various people in numerous fields. They all bring something unique to the table to figure out how to make a project work. It requires a usage of different types of skills. For example, working with computers, coding sometimes, research, data analytics, historical presentations, just to name a few. Besides that it is also the ability to work collaboratively with one another and try to bring what you know and are willing to learn to the team.

It has made me question how I approach an issue and to be willing to try out new ways to see what happens. Usually one would think that one way will definitely work to find out what you are looking for. In reality, I’ve realized that this is not always the case. You have to be willing to experiment and figure out what the data is telling you. Once you gather the data that you need, the next set of questions is figuring out how to relay it to the general public. Who is a member of your audience and what would they want to know?

Some questions/ideas that I have are:

  • What are some ways that we can reach more people?
  • What issues are the general public struggling with in their research?
  • How we can cater how we are bringing the information in different/new ways?
  • What are other disciplines that the digital public humanities field can work with to achieve their goals?
  • How can we keep up communication with all involved? Are there different mediums?
  • How to keep people engaged and wanting to learn more about a topic?

Although I’ve been working in this internship and working in the digital public humanities space for a little while, I’ve learned that this is a field where you don’t become an expert at something. It’s something where you are constantly learning and adapting in your skills and as a person. Although you may finish a project with a group of people/technology, the experiences and connections you made there sticks with you even when you move on into another project. The cyclic nature of digital public humanities is something that is constantly giving and receiving from its members to ultimately benefit the world.