Experiences: My Internship and Me

What I enjoy most during my internship thus far is the flexibility of when I can work to complete my work. The downside to that is trying to make sure that what I am completing is what is required. I can improve on this by providing weekly snapshots of my work and figuring out how I can improve on it. One thing that I want to know more about to help me in my work is researching more on data analysis work and the theoretical methods. I have a vague sense of what it is and the various methods but I want to figure out how to apply it better in this work that I am doing for this project. I think that will help my pursuit of getting the correct analysis out of my data.

I learned that I like to have due dates for when work is due so that I can better plan out how I want to go about tackling the work. I also realized that I like getting feedback on my work sooner rather than later. Once I know how I can improve, I can take up those action items to do that and that will only enhance my work. I also like constant communication within that feedback because it also goes hand-in-hand with trust and keeping on the same page.

Another aspect that I enjoy about the flexibility and due dates are that I need to be more diligent in when I work on it. I’ve learned that I need to have a set schedule as to when I need to work. I’m still trying to figure out the best plan with my internship and other commitments but that is something that I wish to improve on for the rest of the semester as well as next semester. I initially set up a Trello board to keep track of my work and to write down any due dates but I think that can be modified. It’s acting more like a Kanban board and I would like for it to be a Scrum board. By applying Agile Scrum principles to my internship work, I think that will help me work on my internship work and also make sure that I’m giving and receiving feedback to/from my mentor in a way that is beneficial to us. Right now, I’m working in more of a Waterfall method and I think that that can be improved.

So far in my internship I’ve learned that I can be more diligent in my work schedule and also apply Agile Scrum principles to my work. I’m hoping to take the next steps in applying the principles in the next few weeks/months so that I can work in a more efficient and effective way.